Greenstone River - Glenorchy NZ
The weekend family trip to the new Greenstone hut reminded me that tramping is not always about scaling peaks or stomping long tracks. Sometimes, moving at a slower pace, seeing the ‘wanderlust’ on ‘newbies’ faces and hanging out with some ‘younguns’ can be an experience in itself.

Jill and Ray were our ‘Camp Mum and Dad’ for the weekend and somehow they kept all 17 trampers relatively organised. Having taken the van to the trailhead on Friday night and pitched our tents, on Saturday morning we walked along the shores of Lake Wakatipu and headed inland towards Lake Rere.

Shauna @ Sam Summers Hut
Queenstown, in Central Otago, has just over 27,500 permanent residents and accommodates an astounding 1.9 million visitors every year. Known for its commercially orientated tourism industry, on the surface, it seems that the town has been designed for adrenalin thrill seekers, snow enthusiasts, and wine connoisseurs. However, there is a lot more to Queenstown than bungy jumping, snow sports and a 24/7 nightlife.

Ten kilometres along the Glenorchy Road is the start of the Mt Crichton walkway. I went on an adventure Shauna and Gareth Roughley of Roughley Originals Photography and Leah of Leah Travels. We discovered that you can stroll past the remnants of a Chinese gold mining village, wander through a sluiced canyon, and after 45 minutes walking through the forest, explore a fully restored gold miners hut.